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Travel to China

1. The most important thing you need: Food,Food,Food 

For a long time, long time, long time.

No food supply, staying at the airport, waiting for the immigration process (Some people have waited for 12 hours).

2. Immigration process at airport and 14-day Isolation 

(1) At the airports in  China 

(2) Fourteen-day Quarantine    ( Environment / Fee / Notes ) 

3.Our Assistance for Free 

1. The most important thing you need: Food,Food,Food

(1) Pack your luggage with more food like biscuits and chocolates, water, masks and handwashing fluid

  • There may be no food on the plane.
  • After arriving at the Chinese airport, the entry procedure is complicated and maybe no food is available.Because there will be lots of forms to fill in.
  • The airport is full of people who will be classified into different group according to your departure and routine. You should take precaution. Otherwise you will be susceptible to infection.
  • The food in China are mainly Chinese food, so you can bring more food with yourselves before  your travel to China.

(2) Book your tickets to China: to Guangzhou, to Shanghai,  to Beijing…

Here are some references for the cost of plane tickets (May 11th):

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North America
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(Only for reference, the actual prices may be different)

(3) Know about the Quarantine Policy

All passengers arriving internationally, regardless of destination, must be quarantined locally at the province where the airport is located.

At present, passengers on international flights have been banned from transferring to domestic flights or other transportation methods.

Sichuan and Shandong may still allow passengers to be quarantined after being transferred to other cities in the province.

But Guangdong and Liaoning provinces, which previously allowed that, have made it clear that they must be quarantined in the place where they arrive.

2. Immigration process at airport and 14-day Isolation


Airport entry procedures

Beijing Airport

After arriving at the T3-D terminal of Capital Airport

Case 1: If passengers have symptoms on the plane or are found abnormalities after quarantine and temperature screening, they will be sent directly to Xiaotangshan Hospital for nucleic acid detection and chest CT examination.

Case 2: No symptoms appear on the plane and pass the temperature screening

They should submit a health declaration form after getting off the plane. After the quarantine and body temperature screening show normal, fill in the information registration card and pass the border inspection customs. Then line up to get their luggage (a long time)

  • Domestic flight on the day of transit → Security check on the transit passage, separate area waiting, shuttle bus to the plane → Centralization or home quarantine according to the final destination quarantine policy
  • Do not transfer on the domestic flight on the day → Take the bus to the new national exhibition connection area. Passengers destined for Beijing will be isolated in the hotel near the place of residence for 14 days at their own expense.
  • The destination is in other provinces→ go to the working group of destination province in Beijing office to register→ transfer the domestic flight on the next day, and stay overnight for one night at your own expense.
  • Do not transfer the next day’s domestic flight→ be sent to the destination by other transportation from Beijing→be concentrated or separated at home according to the local quarantine policy after arriving at the destination .

Shanghai Airport

  1. After the plane lands, take temperature in batches, then enter the terminal building from the corresponding corridor.
  2. After entering the terminal, take the temporary passage, prepare the passport and the health declaration form that has been filled in before the plane landed.
  3. Copy the health declaration form and passport, answer some basic questions of epidemic prevention personnel in line.
  4. With all above materials prepared, all the copied materials and application forms must be handed over to the staff at the end of the temporary passage.
  5. Go downstairs and line up according to the instructions. After sterilization, do nasal and pharyngeal swab test sampling (ie. nucleic acid test sampling);
  6. Finishing the nucleic acid sampling, follow the instructions on sign board, go through the customs formalities, and go to the baggage drop-off area to collect the baggage in person;

7. After the baggage is collected, there will be a staff guiding the passengers to concentrate in the waiting area to wait for the hotel bus. They can’t choose the hotel.

8. Check in in batches after arriving at the hotel. During the period, they need to sign some exemption documents and related notes. (housing deposit-WeChat, Alipay, bank card)

9. The staff will bring them into their respective rooms, and the centralized isolation will start.(The above process takes about 4-6 hours)

10. Report body temperature twice a day;

11. During isolation, you can apply for another nucleic acid test at your own expense, the fee is 100;

12. From the day of entry, on the 14th day, the centralized quarantine will be released and a certificate of release of quarantine will be issued to everyone.

13. Receive quarantine release certificate and nucleic acid test report, and centralized isolation is released.

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Guangzhou Airport 

  1. Port entry quarantine (fill in the health declaration card, “three-color diversion” of the passenger’s passport upon entry).
  2. Passengers go to the designated distribution area of the airport (T2 terminal east passenger terminal).
  3. The staff of the collection and distribution area conducts a destination survey and pastes the identification label on the passengers.
  4. Guangzhou City: the staff from all districts in Guangzhou are 24 hours on duty at the station in the distribution area of the East Passenger Terminal of Baiyun Airport with designated car for you.
  5. Other cities in the province: the designated cars from other cities in the province are stationed at Baiyun Airport for 24 hours, and they will send you to the destination.
  6. Outside the province: The passenger’s destination headquarters arranges for a designated car to pick you up.

Or the headquarters at the entry port escorts the passenger to the transportation leaving Guangdong.

7. The passengers arrive at the destination and conduct a home isolation for 14 days, or centralized medical observation for 14 days.

For passengers who have no abnormalities in customs quarantine, the passports of passengers will be affixed with:

Red, Yellow and Green” three-color labels

  1. Red” label

( key passengers whose destination is Guangdong, transit time exceeds 12 hours, or takes other ground transportation (train, bus) to leave Guangdong)

→ Baiyun Airport has set up a special passage in cooperation with the border inspection, and guide passengers to the designated luggage turntable to collect their luggage. The passenger is guided to the temporary concentration point according to their tag. And it is docked with the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce. According to the provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control requirements, they will be concentrated or isolated at home.

  1. Yellow” label

( key passengers who need to transfer to other cities within 12 hours )

→ Because passengers do not leave the terminal, Baiyun Airport has also designated the corresponding “international to international” and “international to domestic” rest and waiting areas for better centralized and unified services, and guide passengers to boarding.

  1. Green” label

( passengers who have no travel history or residence history in key countries within 14 days )

→ “Green” label passengers will leave on their own following the normal arrival process.



hotel 1
hotel 2
hotel 3

Quarantine Fee

The expenses for the centralized isolation of foreign personnel shall be borne by individuals in principle. And the quarantine fee includes the hotel room fee and meal fee. But each place has different star hotels and accommodation standards for traveler to choose.


From 0:00 on March 16, all asymptomatic people entering Beijing should, in principle, be transferred to a observation point for 14 days of centralized observation at their own expense. Multiple observation points have been set up in various districts of Beijing, and the cost has dropped compared with usual days. For example, a five-star hotel(one of the observation points) in Shunyi District, the usual room rate is 800-1000 yuan / day, the current price is adjusted to 650 yuan / day, and includes three meals a day.


On March 17, the Shanghai Municipal Health and Welfare Committee issued an announcement: From now on, the city will implement centralized isolation for entry personnel from key countries that do not have the conditions for home isolation. Accommodation and meals during the centralized segregation period shall be borne by themselves. The accommodation fee is about 200 yuan or 400 yuan per person per day. If it has been in the centralized isolation period but less than 14 days, the cost of the remaining isolation time is calculated on a daily basis.

Guangdong Province:

All the inbound personnel (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, transit passengers) through the Guangdong port should accept the nucleic acid detection and centralized isolation 14 days at their own expenses. In a segregated hotel in Guangzhou, the total cost of three meals and room rates per day is 278 yuan / person (the limited price in Guangzhou is not more than 350 yuan / person), and the cost is borne by the segregated personnel. According to Ctrip.com, this hotel opened in 2018. The room area is 25 to 30 square meters with facilities such as a flat-screen TV and shower room. The decoration is relatively new. Each room has an independent split air conditioner instead of a central air conditioner. The windows can also be opened at a small angle to avoid the risk of cross-contamination caused by the mutual flow of room air.

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  1. Clothing: bring enough clothes you need.
  2. Food: if you don’t like the food provided by hotel, you can choose home delivery according to your personal preferences.
  3. Accommodation: There will be isolated hotels of different grades. So you can choose the appropriate one according to your personal financial condition. General express hotels also have rooms of three-star standards. Most hotels will be relatively clean and tidy.
  4. Act: You can’t leave your room. You must live alone and going out is forbidden .
  5. Carry out health self-monitoring. Once you have symptoms like fever, dry cough, fatigue, chest tightness, dyspnea, diarrhea, vomiting, and red, swollen and painful eyes, report to the management team immediately. And accept the necessary inspection, transfer, and treatment.
  6. Pay attention to self-psychological adjustment, take appropriate exercise in room. And you can kill time by surfing the Internet, reading books, chatting with relatives and friends, etc.

3. Our assistance

  • We will keep updating the post according to the adjustment of policy, please check before your travel to China.
  • If you need particular information,  do not hesitate, send us an email.  And we will arrange our team member to assist you.
  • Besides, we can provide some assistance for your urgent need like translating, booking rooms and so on when you travel to China.

Let’s help each other to get through this hard time.