Speaking of cable tie, you may think it far away from our daily life, because it’s generally used in mechanical and eletrical products and industry. But if you get to know enough about it, you may fall in love with it. I will tell you why.

Now, let’s explore the wonderful and magical world inside cable tie.

1. The zipper head is broken?

Cable tie can help! Put the cable tie through the zipper head as shown below.


2. The spoon always slides down when drinking soup?

Cable tie can help! Tie a cable tie to the spoon as an antiskid buckle.


3. Tying shoelaces is troublesome and easily get loosed?

Self-made shoelaces with cable ties, fashionable and convenient.



Use a cable tie to make a small loop, dip it in soapy water. Then, blow to it and the bubbles will come out!


5. The hanging rings of the shower curtain have been lost?

Thread the cable ties through the shower curtain hole and fix them to the shower curtain rod.


6. The lid is too hot?

Put the cable tie on the handle of the lid as an anti-scalding buckle, so that we won’t be scalded.


7. Can’t finish the snacks?

If it is not sealed appropriately, it will easily get damp.

Cable tie can help! Use the other edge of cable tie, which will make it easy to disassemble and use repeatedly.


8. Need to hang something up?

Many tools usually have hanging holes, but not every hole size is suitable.

Still, cable tie can help!


9. Want to get the pillow basked

Tie the two clothes hangers together with one cable tie, and stretch the hangers.

Then, put the pillow between the two hangers.


10. Have too many keys?

String them together with cable tie as key chain.


11. How to handle a tangle of wires?

Now, let’s see waht cable tie can help!


Do you have any other ideas about the usage of cable tie? If so, let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for your reading.