The connecting part of the robot is mainly fixed by screws, which may be loosened due to long-term vibration, causing the failure of robot or some connecting parts to break.

On the other hand, robot vibration may cause the wire connector or relay to loosen, resulting in poor circuit contact, the robot may be out of control, the electronic control system is stopped, and the electronic control is burned.

Pay attention to daily protection

1.Shock absorber: Replace regularly

2.The cylinders that have been used for a long time, the air pipes, and the seals of the joints should be replaced in time.

3.Wire connectors, plugs, and sockets should be checked regularly.

4.Pneumatic components: All simple or multi-functional robots rely on the supply of air sources, which requires a stable source of air and no water. Air and water are different media, gases are invisible and water is visible. Solenoid valves are precision components. When water stays in the electromagnetic, air pipe or cylinder, scale will be generated, which may cause the solenoid valve to be stuck, gas release, seal damage, air leakage inside and outside the cylinder, unstable or no movement, air pipe and connection. Damage, etc.

In summary, the automatic robot can effectively replace the manual operation, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and the maintenance cost is low. Of course, robots also need to be carefully maintained during routine maintenance to avoid robot failures and impact on productivity.

Now, do you know how to avoid the failure of robot ?