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Material: HY series thicken breathable special meshes for back

Huayu brand wear-resistant, skin-friendly and elastic fabric for seat

Sponge: 42-density and high-elasticity original pure sponge

Accessories: ∮33 nylon feet passed 1136kg static pressure test, 60mm black PU wheels, Xieqiang 85# electric black gas rod AGS certification.

Dual-function chassis (can be locked at multiple angles), waist bag adjustable, movable headrest, nylon back frame, PU lifting armrest

Function: free to lock, waistrest, armrest, headrest adjustable

Notes: 2 pcs/carton, the stock color is all black and green back and black seat. Ordering other colors or stock unpacking will have an additional charge

N.W. : 14.9KG                             G.W. : 18.4KG                                      Size: 63*64*112-131 CM

605 2B

Material: High-quality wear-resistant and fine-grained leatherette

Sponge: The seat back sponge is a one-time molding and shaping cotton

Accessories: ∮350 square-angle aluminum alloy feet, 60MMPU electroplated luxury casters, Xieqiang brand 85 electroplated deep-drawn air rod, four-level multifunctional locking chassis, luxury PU lifting armrests

Notes: regular color is black

N.W. : 20.6KG                                    G.W. : 24.5KG                                    Size: 62*60*100-108CM


Material: High-quality wear-resistant skin-friendly elastic fabric for seat

Thickened breathable special meshes for back

Sponge: 55-density high-resilience medium-soft PU sponge

Accessories: black PP fiberglass back frame and fixed one-piece armrests, fixed waist backrest butterfly chassis, vinyl ∮340 nylon feet (other colors are with 320 PP feet), Xieqiang brand three-level 100 countersunk 4 cm black rod, 60mm black PU wheel

Function: Can be free and locked in place, adjustable headrest

Notes: 2 pcs/carton, the plastic colors are black, gray, and white. The standard stock is: vinyl with all black fabric

Size: please turn to the third picture


Material: High-quality wear-resistant leatherette

Imported Brazil high-quality rough-grain cow leather

Sponge: comfortable doll cotton

Air rod: 65# Xieqiang electroplating deep drawing 4 points air rod

Configuration: Multi-layer molding back seat plate, aircraft chassis, tilting and locking in place, 350 dimension aluminum alloy feet, 60 luxury electroplated nylon wheels

Notes: Black leather, brown leather, black leather, coffee leather are available in stock, and other colors will be charged separately

N.W.: 28KG                               G.W.: 34.5KG                                   Size: 62*75*115-125 CM


Material: High-quality leatherette / Brazil imported top layer cow leather

Sponge: 42-density high-elasticity original pure sponge

Air rod: Xieqiang brand three-level 100 deep drawing 4 cm black rod

Configuration: 18MM thick single-layer split bending plate, equipped with electroplated ABS decorative parts, luxury chassis with 4-speed synchronous tilt locking function, 1.2 thick and 370 large electroplated steel feet with luxury sports car wheels.

Notes: The artificial leather is all-inclusive front and rear sides.

Size: please turn to the fourth picture


Configuration: One-piece molded PP chair seat, the soft package is 9MM thick multi-layer plywood + 15MM thick density cotton + high-grade flannel mesh.

Shelf: standard 12mm electroplated solid shelf

Notes: 5 pcs/carton, the stock color is all black vinyl

N.W. (5pcs) : 38.5kg                             G.W. (5pcs) : 39.6kg

Size: please turn to the fourth picture

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office sofa 9237

Single seat:  L98* W81* H86 cm

Double seat: L190*W81*H86 cm

office sofa 9238

Sofa : L290*W210*H88 cm

office sofa 9235

Sofa: L186* W88*H82 cm

Single seat: L86* W88*H82 cm

office sofa 9234

Sofa: L216* W83*H89 cm

Single seat: L116* W83*H89 cm

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