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Liang’s Garden in Foshan

Liang's Garden 3

Liang’s Garden

1. Introduction


Liang’s Garden is the general name of the Family Liang’s Garden in Foshan. It is the masterpiece of Lingnan Gardens together with Yuyin Garden, Qinghui Garden and Ke Garden. Liang’s Garden mainly consists of architecture groups in different locations such as “Twelve Stone Studios”, “Stars Cottage”, “Fenjiang Caolu”, “Hanxiang Pavilion” and other places. Its main part is on Songfeng Road Pioneer Trail.

The Liang’s Garden is one of the typical representatives of Lingnan literati gardens in the Qing Dynasty. Its mansion, ancestral hall and garden are integrated. Such a Lingnan-style Garden has an eclectic landscape, pursuing the mode of simplicity, elegance and nature. It is really a place worth visiting for it’s full of the outstanding characteristics of Lingnan water village.

Development history and value

Liang’s Garden was built one after another by the local celebrated literature masters incuding Airu Liang, Jiuhua Liang, Jiuzhang Liang, and Jiutu Liang. And it was built during the Jiaqing and Daoguang reigns of the Qing Dynasty (1796-1850 AD), which lasted over 40 years. By the early Republic of China, the famous gardens was on the verge of oblivion.

In view of its historical, artistic and ornamental value, in 1982, the Foshan Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government first rescued and protected the existing Qunxing Caotang group. While in 1990 it was designated as a provincial key cultural relic protection unit.  Afterwards, a large-scale comprehensive restoration was started in 1994, with a total area of 21,260 square meters, making the garden become famous again.

  • Liang’s Garden is a rare and typical example for studying the local characteristics, layout, landscape composition, cultural connotation and other issues of ancient literati gardens in Lingnan.
  • It shows the ancient Foshan literati’s pursuit of staying away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, enjoying the pleasure of forest and spring.
  • Besides, it embodies the yearning for garden-style houses and natural environment in the “Guangfu Culture”.
  • Also, its typical rich historical and cultural connotation is an important physical example reflecting talent gathering and cultural prosperity in Foshan.

2. Sightseeing Information

(1) Tour line

Entering Liang’s Garden from the Pioneer Ancient Trail on Songfeng Road, you will see the Bucaodi, Buddha Hall, Family Liang’s Mansion, and Cishi Family Temple, etc.

Then walking inside, you will see the Qunxing Caotang. This architectural complex is composed of thatched cottage, guest hall, Qiushuangxuan, boat hall and corridor. These buildings are based on stone courtyards, mountain courtyards, and water courtyards. What’s more, they are spacious and transparent, surrounded by corridors. You will be fasinated by its changing and wonderful scenery.

After passing a small arch bridge made of stone with exquisite design, you will reach the Fenjiang Caolu group. The design of the water and stones here can be described as unique and awesomely beautiful.

Walking along the embankment lined with willow trees for about five minutes, you will reach the landscape of Songzhuliao. The buildings here are based on bamboo and wood, showing the unique pastoral charm of the Pearl River Delta, reflecting the unique concept of gardeners seeking to stay away from the hustle and bustle and be close to nature.

(2) Opening hours

9:00-17:00(16:40 no admission)

(3) Fee

¥10 (free on Saturday)

(4) Admission approach

Make an appointment on the  official account “Chancheng District Museum” on WeChat. Then, purchase tickets with the appointment proof, ID card, and Yuekang code.

(5) Transportation routesfrom Guangzhou

  • Line 8 to Shayuan→ Guangfo Line to Zumiao → Bus-118 to Liangyuan → 20 mins’ walk
  • Line 1 to Xilang →Guangfo Line to Zumiao → Bus-118 to Liangyuan → 20 mins’ walk
  • Guangfo 276 from Guangzhou Luochongwei Station to Oriental Plaza (the last stop) → Bus-131 to Liangyuan.
  • Guangfo 279 from Guangzhou Zhongshan No. 8 Bus Terminal to Nangui Road Metro Station→Guangfo Line to Zumiao → Bus-118 to Liangyuan.
  • Other buses to Liangyuan: 105、106、114、118、128

3. Attractions nearby

  • Zumiao ( take a car from Liangyuan southward for 10 mins )
  • Lingnan Tiandi ( Behind Zumiao, recommended dining place )
  • Nanfeng Ancient Klin ( take a car from Lingnan Tiandi southward for 10 mins )
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