Under the “five one” policy of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the most concerned issue for fellow citizens living overseas is when the return flight will increase and when the ticket price will drop.

Earlier, Li Jian, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said in an interview with the China News Agency that due to market demand, the Civil Aviation Administration will consider increasing flights appropriately while maintaining effective control of foreign entry to China.

This statement has shown hope to our compatriots. But when will flights increase? How to increase? These questions haunt everyone’s minds. Now the Civil Aviation Administration of China has finally announced it!

On June 4, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a notice on the adjustment of international passenger flights, the most concerning of which is that from June 8 onwards, the flights will be suspended or rewarded based on the nucleic acid test results of passengers after landing.


Article 7 of the notice:

From June 8, 2020, flight reward and suspension mechanism will be implemented.

  1. The Civil Aviation Administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Health Commission, the General Administration of Customs, the Immigration Bureau, etc. jointly established a special flightmechanism, based on the results of passenger nucleic acid detection after the arrival, to implement flight fuse and incentive measures.
  1. Incentive measures. If no passengers who have a positive nucleic acid test result after entering the airline for three consecutive weeks on the same route, theoperating airline will be allowed to increase one to two flights per week.
  1. Suspension mechanism. For airlines on the same route, if the number of passengers testing positiveafter entry reaches 5, the flight will be suspended for 1 week. If it reaches 10, the suspension will last for 4 weeks. The amount of “blown” flights may not be adjusted for other routes. After the “suspension” period ends, the airline can resume the weekly flight schedule.

In addition, Article 8 of the notice reads:

If the risks are controllable and the situation becomes better, it is possible to increase the flights  of some eligible countries appropriately.

Comment: Measure with clear reward and punishment.

Flights from the countries with better epidemic control can increase, while flights with many positive-testing passengers will be temporarily suspended. It’s a good news for the Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia. Beacuse the situation of the Cambodian epidemic is good. Only one case of a passenger’s nucleic acid test was positive on a recent flight to China. And that flight was from the Philippines to Cambodia finally to China. Currently, most passengers get a negative test result on routes between China and Cambodi. Thus, increasing the number of flights will only be a matter of time. By that time, the ticket price will drop.