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Accessories shock-proof-feet check-seat toolkit  ( including: test pencil, socket head wrench, screwdriver ( straight ), screwdriver ( crosshead ), monkey wrench ) screw-tip heating-winding nylon tube check-ring oil-seal & sealing ring precision-filter

Setting lubrication modulus

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change screen from “operator” to “system”, password is “182838” press F10 twice, it will show screen “I/O Input Definition” press F8 ,you will find “Clamp parameter”, then input password “123456” Move cursor to “Lubber Counter MAX”, then input parameter “300” press F9 to return the screen “system”, then press F10 one time, finally press

Setting time

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change screen from “operator” to “system”, password “182838” press F10 twice, show screen “I/O Input Definition” press F8 , find the button “custom setting”, and input password “123456 change cursor to “system date”, then input password“585858” to set the time. press F9 to return the screen “operator”

Lubrication device

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Oil storage capacity: 2 kilos Cautions: 1.Lubrication parameter setting under normal condition of use: 100 molds within 1 year 100-300 molds over 1 year 2.Lubrication time: Type   90-200T 260-400T 480-650T 780T Lubrication time(s) 18-25 25-30 30-35 35-45   3.The lubrication oil must be new gear lubricant. Filling used oil is not allowed, to avoid

DA Adjust

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Enter system password: “14321”, then press “F2” DA Select “#3” Adjust parameter of “D/A Press Curve” and “D/A Flow Curve” according to the machine. Save

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