Oil storage capacity: 2 kilos


1.Lubrication parameter setting under normal condition of use:

100 molds within 1 year

100-300 molds over 1 year

2.Lubrication time:



90-200T 260-400T 480-650T 780T
Lubrication time(s) 18-25 25-30 30-35 35-45


3.The lubrication oil must be new gear lubricant. Filling used oil is not allowed, to avoid serious mechanical damage.

4.Lubrication oil recommended: Mobil gear oil 629 or CASTORSP150.

5.Manual lubrication once a week. Confirm the lubrication oil pump operates normally (Normal operating pressure of lubrication pump is 15-17 kg).

Type        Lubrication time(s)

90-200T:         18-25

260-400T:       25-30

480-650T:       30-35

780T:                35-45