Trigger sprayers are commonly made from polypropylene (PP). They are mounted on various designed containers that have liquid content. These products can be just plain water, cleaning agents, chemicals, etc.

The advantage of using trigger sprayers is that they can be locked at the end of the nozzle. That is an excellent feature for children’s safety because some liquids can pose hazards to children. Hence, they are not just beneficial, but also protect the liquid from possible leakage.

Our products are inspired by three main factors, namely the purpose of use, product quality, and ease of usage. Want to see the list of trigger sprayers that you might be interested in? Check them out below.

1. Trigger Sprayers are inspired by Three Factors:

Our product are inspired by the following three main factors :

(1) Purpose of Use

Our products are versatile. They can be used as closures to any liquid products and compatible with any liquid containers. They can be used for housekeeping cleaning solutions, automotive, pet care products, cosmetics, etc.

(2) Product Quality

Our products are sturdy and cost-efficient. Since our trigger sprayers are made from new PP, we can guarantee the durability of our items, yet they can be purchased at an affordable price.

(3) Ease of Use

Our products have trigger handles that are convenient to use and you can lock the nozzle for child security and leakage protection. Then you can adjust the nozzle for mist spraying and jet streaming.

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2. Our Chart-buster Trigger Sprayer Models

Read our list of trigger sprayers:

(1) Fine Mist Nozzle Trigger Sprayer

Our O101 model is a 28/410 fine mist trigger sprayer with a white neck of high finish. This sprayer is an excellent choice for accurate applications that need fine mists rather than the stream.

Common uses of this item include hair care products, home cleaners, sprayers, indoor sprayers, and more.

With the 0.26ML dosage, it can spray a very fine mists.


(2) High Quality 28/410 Trigger Sprayer

Our O102 model is available at 28/410 neck size. And there are many colors for you to choose. It also uses the bottom of the trigger, but it is designed downwards and upwards at 45 degrees to bear spring pressure. Actually it saves more effort in use and reduces liquid leakage.This style is usually used for restroom cleaning, housekeeping, etc.

And O102 model Trigger Sprayer has relatively deeper and more threads, which can more securely affixed to the container by a continuously-threaded closure.

High-Quality-28/410 Trigger Sprayer(2)

(3) High Quality Foam Trigger Sprayer

Our O103 high quality trigger sprayer is usually used for general applications such as house cleaning, insect control, automotive, lawn and garden, etc. It features a 28/410 neck size and foam nozzle that is adjustable with a lock setting.

After closing the lid, foam is sprayed out. When the lid is opened, liquid is sprayed out.


(4) High Quality Mini Trigger Sprayer

Our O104 model is available at various colors with sample neck sizes of 28/410. It is designed to meet several customers’ needs, featured with an ergonomic handle. This model is commonly used for gardening, pet care products, and housekeeping.