Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing the Ideal Trigger Sprayer

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Trigger sprayers are commonly made from polypropylene (PP). They are mounted on various designed containers that have liquid content. These products can be just plain water, cleaning agents, chemicals, etc. The advantage of using trigger sprayers is that they can be locked at the end of the nozzle. That is an excellent feature for children’s safety because some liquids

10 Basic Words You Should Know When Travelling in China

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Basic Chinese Vocabulary and Phrases When you travel in China, you will definitely get a chance to communicate with Chinese people face to face. Maybe you want to "Do as the Chineses do when in China".  Then, you should learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. And there are 10 basic Chinese words you should

Liang’s Garden in Foshan

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Liang's Garden 1. Introduction ❀ Characteristics Liang’s Garden is the general name of the Family Liang’s Garden in Foshan. It is the masterpiece of Lingnan Gardens together with Yuyin Garden, Qinghui Garden and Ke Garden. Liang’s Garden mainly consists of architecture groups in different locations such as "Twelve Stone Studios",

Supply Trigger Sprayer, Mist Sprayer, Lotion Pump From China Directly

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As the injection molding machine manufacturer, we have the connection with more than 30 factories of Trigger Sprayer, Mist Sprayer and Lotion Pump. Moreover we are helping at lease 7 of them to develop the mold of the core part. Please feel free to contact us for the purchase. Contact now

How to Choose A Sourcing Agent in China ?

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How to Choose A Sourcing Agent in China ? 1. Team work instead of one single person Team work is your only choice. The person you collaborate with must be an excellent one. If not, it will just waste your time and money. But no matter how professional or friendly he

How to protect my intellectual property?

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How to protect my intellectual property ? I have listed some common opinions and suggestions below, most of which do not have the specific implementation methods, and some are even time-wasting. Let’s check if you have fallen into these traps: Investigate the manufacturersin advance and cooperate with a reputable one. ✘  Lack of specific operation approaches Register intellectual property rights

Good News! More flights to China!

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Under the "five one" policy of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the most concerned issue for fellow citizens living overseas is when the return flight will increase and when the ticket price will drop. Earlier, Li Jian, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of

Travel to China During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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( Updated: 2020.05.28 ) Travel to China 1. The most important thing you need: Food,Food,Food   For a long time, long time, long time. No food supply, staying at the airport, waiting for the immigration process (Some people have waited for 12 hours). 2. Immigration process at airport and 14-day Isolation  

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