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Since 2005, we have been producing cable tie injection molding machines for 15 years.

# More than 70% market share of the cable tie manufactur machine in China.

# Wide connection with the cable tie factories.

# Know much more about the cable tie process than the cable tie manufacturers.


1. How to Inspect your Cable Tie?

1.1  Look

1.2  Listen

1.3  Check by Tensile Strength Machine.

1.4  Use the machine controller data to monitor of the whole manufacturing.

2. Raw Materials Comparison, PA66 or PA6? 

3. Why We May Do the Best Service for You?

4. Cable Tie Category

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How to inspect your Cable tie?

1.1  Look

Like one expert, check the cable tie in complete sheet as following:

The fresh sheet of cable tie coming out from mold

Complete sheet with Scotch tape ready for courier


Request your suppliers to provide several sheets cable tie without tear down.

Then check the following:

# The color

Most of the cable tie is of original color. If the temperature control is incorrect during the manufacturing, the cable tie will turn to yellow color and degrade the quality.


Attention: never sacrifice the quality for success molding.

High temperature leads to high fluidity of raw material ( mainlyPa66 ) while degrading the quality.

Why request the high temperature:

  • Old machine: not enough force
  • Wrong design of the mold: more cavities seeking bigger capacity of output
  • Raw material: wrong percentage of the formula
  • Operator without experience

# The Flash:

Increasing the use difficulty


Main reason:

  • Machine setting error
  • Mold of Error Maintenance

1.2 Listen:

Tie all the cable tie from the 1st cavities to the end and listen the sound. If some sound strange, check with the same cavities No. in the next sheet.

1.3 Check by Tensile Strength Machine.

The tensile strength is the mainly basic request for the cable tie.


cable tie quality inspection – tensile testing machine

Mark down in file the further study:


1.4 Use the machine controller data to monitor of the whole manufacturing.

Each injection molding machine have the data record from the controller, from the data record you may monitor the manufacturing of your order.


Controller Data

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Cable Tie Raw Materials Comparison, PA66 or PA6 ?



# Background story

In 2018, several leading manufacturers of PA 66 suffered from force majeure, resulting in insufficient supply of PA66 raw materials, contradiction between supply and demand, and soaring prices. That means they were in urgent need of substitutes for the PA66 to reduce the production cost.

At that time, PA6 became one of the solutions. Therefore, they increased the proportion of PA6 and adopted recycling granulated material  whoose main component is PA6. 

Why we may do the best service for you?

  •  70% market share in China’s Cable Tie Manufacture Machine.   ( Injection Molding Machine Special for Nylon Cable Ties )
  • Teaching the manufacture how to produce the cable tie
  • Been in the cable tie manufacture field from 2005.
  • Wide range of connection of the cable tie manufacture. 

We know cable tie better than the cable tie manufacturers.

What can we do for you ?

# Quality Guarantee

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Cable tie category

❀ Plastic Cable Tie

1. Cold Weather Cable Ties 


2. Releasable Cable Tie


3. Double Locking Cable Tie


4. Nylon Cable Tie — Stainless Steel Plate Lock


5. Double Headed Cable Tie


❀ Stainless Steel Cable Tie

1. PVC Coate Stainless Steel Cable Ties — ball self-lock


2. Naked Stainless Steel Cable Ties — ball self-lock


3. Plastic Full Stainless Steel Coated Tie — ball self-lock