The equipment is the key factor for the success molding. In this article, we have listed all the necessary equipment for the cable tie manufacturing, including cable tie injection molding machine, cable tie mold, and the auxiliary machine. There are brief introductions for each one, please read the following passages:

Attention: besides the equipment, raw materials operation is the part needs to be noted .The relation and principle please check the cable tie production.

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1. Cable Tie Injection Molding Machine

In the oversea market, K288F and K358F are always the first choices for clients. Their stability is approved by time. Sometime one or two of these two model machine may already make you king in your area. Cable tie injection molding machine is the frame for the cable tie manufacturing, which should be determined firstly.

K650L and K850L machines are big machine, specially for the hot runner mold.

– optimize clamping unit for cable tie mold, which is thin and long. More durable.
– optimize barrel and screw for PA66, solved the problem of PA66 feeding and moisture remove, providing huge plasticizing ability.
– upgrade power system to assure the huge output

An machine optimized specially for cable tie manufacturing will obtain the stable and huge productive output at once.

More specification about the machine will be sent on receipt of request email.

# K288F and K358F requests cool runner mold, breve specification:

Model Clamping Force Injection Weight ( ps )
K288F 2880 KN 650g
K358F 3580 KN 965g

# K650L and K850L are the huge machines, special for the hot runner mold.

Model Clamping Force Injection Weight ( ps )
K650L 6500 KN 1450 g
K850L 8500 KN  1760 g

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2. Cable Tie Mold 

Cable tie mold of cool runner.

The cavities of molds must correspond with the machine, otherwise it will lead to many problems.

More detail, please check this article: cable tie mold, information for cable tie mold design drawing, mold manufacturing, attention points etc.

Cable tie size: 2.5 x 100, 140 cavities

Cable tie size: 4.8 x 400, 24 cavities

3. Auxiliary Machines for Cable Tie Manufacturing

3.1 Hopper Dryer

PA66 absorbs moisture. The plastic resin needs to be dried before production.

Model No. Capacity Heat Power Fan Power Size & Weight
NHD-50E 50 kgs 4.5 kw 157 w 87 x 54 x 121 cm, 45 kgs
NHD-75E 75 kgs 6.5 kw 246 w 94 x 60 x 131 cm, 56 kgs

3.2 Auto Loader

Load resin to the hopper once monitor that the hopper is empty.

Model Motor( kw  / HP ) Conveying capacity Loading distance Staic wind pressure Hopper volume Conveying tube inner Attached hoses Size weight
NAL-700G 1/3        1Φ 350 kg / h  4 m 1550 mm/H2O 9 L Φ 38 mm Φ 38 mm x 4m (2 pcs) main frame: 37 x 30 x 56 cm
Hopper: 28 x 34 x 43 cm
main frame: 14 kgs
Hopper: 6 kgs
NAL-800G 1.1/3        3Φ 450 kg / h  4 m 1880 mm/H2O 9 L Φ 38 mm Φ 38 mm x 4m (2 pcs) main frame: 42 x 38 x 64 cm Hopper: 45 x 32 x 45 cm main frame: 47 kgs     Hopper: 7 kgs

3.3 Mixer

Mix the resin according to our formula.

Model No. Power Capacity Rotating Speed Voltage Size (CM) Weight (KG)
NBV – 50  1.5 KW / 2 HP 50 85 r / min 380V, 3Φ 85 x 83 x 112 cm 125 kgs
mixer vertical normal

3.4 Crusher

Crush the runner.

Model Crushing chamber Crushing Capacity Stationary Cutter Rotary Cutter Filter Size Power Size (L x W x H) Weight
NPC300 230 x 300 mm 220 ~ 300 (kg / h)  2 pcs 6 pcs Φ 8 mm 5.5 KW / 7.5 HP 1150 x 800 x 1200 cm 450 kgs

3.5 Mold Temperature Controller

Warm up the mold temperature to assure the successful molding.

Model No. Heater Power Cooling Capacity Pump Power & Flow Size & Weight
NTO – 06  6 KW 5400 Kcal / H  0.5 HP    /   35 L / min 63.5 x 65 x 26 cm, 60 kgs
mold temperature controller-3

3.6 Packing Machine

Vocuum, Water Injection and Seal in one station.

Avoid the application of  steam equipment, which is too large and low-efficient.

Voltage: 220V
Input pressure air request: 1 MPA
Power: 1.5 KW
Sealing strip width: 5 mm
Seal length single maximum: 500 mm
Seal length double maximum: 180 mm each
Water injection weight: 0.1 – 500 g
Size: 1000 x 500 x 600 mm
weight: 70 kgs
packing machine for cable tie

3.7 Unload Robot

Meet the requirement of high-speed cycle time of 24 hours.

Stable and safe for workers.

Stable output guarantee.