ONEX LIMITED was established in 2002, with its business located in Foshan. Its main business is import and export trade, focusing on the injection molding machines and building materials products, and involving equity investments in some factories.

In 2012, it was incorporated into Acer Development. Besides, it moved the company’s registered address to Shenzhen in 2019. The original company address in Foshan became the operation center to handle daily affairs other than finance. After being merged into Acer Development, in addition to maintaining the original import and export business, it plays an important role as the following:

  • Assume the function of the centralized procurement center for the parent company Acer Development
  • Be responsible for the centralized procurement, scheduling and transportation of domestic and foreign projects
  • Integrate the export business of other branches and investments of Acer Development

Our History

How We Began . Where We’re Going

Move forward | Aim at the target, always keep advancing.

In an era of challenges and changes, we are always on the way of  progressing and improving.

Our Culture

All businesses are about services

We are always trying to use our best services and concentrated efforts to enable our business and collaboration to make positive impacts that are scalable and sustainable.

What we believe

  • We believe it is the hard work that makes us who we are.
  • It is the competition that makes us grow.
  • It is the persistent advancement that makes us survive and develop.
  • We believe in the power of teamwork. One person can advance fast, however, a group can go far.
  • No value for clients means no clients.
  • Cooperation, of talents from various countries.

How we work


Organization Structure

Teamwork assures our goal achievement and realistic plan

Organization Structure

Our Branches


Once you work with us, all the team will act on your call.

Our team is always: professional,  proactive, intelligent                                 Our cooperation will be:  win-win, long-term, friendly