Basic Chinese Vocabulary and Phrases

When you travel in China, you will definitely get a chance to communicate with Chinese people face to face. Maybe you want to Do as the Chineses do when in China.  Then, you should learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. And there are 10 basic Chinese words you should know how to speak even though you never learn Pinyin. 

1. Good morning = 早上好

zǎo 早 — zauw          shàng 上 — shaung          hǎo 好 — hauw

3. You are welcome =  不用谢

bú 不 — boo          yòng 用 — young          xiè 谢 — xi-yeh

5. water =  水

shuǐ 水 —  [ ʃeɪ] with a 3rd tone

7. why = 为什么

wèi 为 — [weɪ]           shén 什 — shen          me 么 — ma

9. please =  请

qǐng 请 — [tʃɪŋ]  with a 3rdtone, down and up

2. Good night =  晚上好

wǎn 晚 — wang           shàng 上 — shaung          hǎo好 — hauw

4. I know =  我知道 

wǒ 我 — wuh          zhī  知 — zhi          dào 道 — dauw

6. sorry =  对不起

duì 对 — dway          bu 不 — boo          qǐ 起 — qi

8. sun = 太阳

tài 太 — [taɪ]          yáng 阳 — [jʌŋ] with a 2nd tone, that goes up

10. friend =  朋友

péng 朋 — [pəŋ] with a 2ndtone          yǒu 友 — [jəʊ] with a 3rd tone

1st tone – high, flat tone

2nd tone – rising tone, starting at a lower level and then getting progressively higher

3rd tone – dipping tone, starting at a medium level, then dipping lower before rising again

4th tone – falling tone, starting at a medium level and getting progressively lower