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Realize the goal by constantly reinventing ourselves and adapting to a rapidly changing world and volatile market conditions.

We can make your business stay competitive in the challenging time in a developing world.

Our Daily Work :  Simplify the complicated web of information management to a simple value chain.


Injection molding machine, auxiliary equipments and molds.

Invested in injection molding machine factory in 2005.

Become the korean famous international brand OEM manufacture base.

Exporting the machines to many countires, especially in Southeast Asia.

Ability for the turn-key project for cable tie factories.

One stop for purchasing injection mold machine, mold and auxiliary machines.

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Located in Foshan, the central ceramic of China, mass purchasing from the factory, self-own brand, main distribution in domestic market

• Exclusive agency of NewZhongYuan Ceramic in Cambodia

• Sourcing and purchasing tile in India and exporting

• Sourcing and purchasing tile in Vietnam and exporting

• Distributing ceramic in Southeast Asia

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